What You Should Remember When You Feel Ashamed

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Nathan O'NionsNathan O’Nions

It’s important to remember how this feels. It’s important to consciously feel the dull sickness in your stomach when you think of what you’ve done, of what you’ve caused. It’s important to look it in the eye. To look yourself in the eye. To ask yourself how you got here. There was a time where even the thought of acting this way would have made you sick, and now you’ve moved so far away from that younger, more innocent version of yourself that they’re barely even recognizable. You’re barely recognizable.

You get older. You won’t make the same decisions at 22 as you did at 16 and no one should expect you to. But when you start to experience a sort of out-of-body sensation when you think about what you did, about the decisions you made without really even thinking about them, that’s when you know you’ve gone…

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