‘ChicIndie’ was developed as a source of relief for my overtly fast paced mind.  I have done, seen, and experienced a lot of beautiful and also traumatic things in my life and since writing is my only profound outlet, ‘ChicIndie’ was created. Over the years I realized that my stories have helped people become inspired and motivated to change things in their lives so, I figured maybe if I started a blog it could help even more people than I could think of. I am no professional blogger and sometimes I am not that great at getting my point across but for me, it truly doesn’t matter. I am not trying to be something I am not or make something as an online alter – ego, I am just trying to write my feelings and maybe help someone along the way. Hope you enjoy.


You may directly contact me via Twitter, Facebook, or email at lifestylesofchicindie@gmail.com


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